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On-Demand Library, Trauma Informed Classes 

Welcome to your online library of self-paced, trauma informed yoga practices! This library includes classes conducted in studio and virtually taught by: Mary Ortenburger, LMFT, RYT-500, yoga therapist in training, licensed psychotherapist, and trauma specialist. Classes included are:

Yin yoga, where poses are held for 2-4 min and have the option of using props available, and no standing poses are included. Yin yoga allows students to access connective and stretch connective tissues with holding patterns from trauma, stress, and lack of movement.

Restorative Yoga: option to make the yin practice more supported by props and focus is to engage the parasympathetic nervous system in order to calm, rest, digest, and feel at peace.

Sampler: starts as a Yin practice, moves into a short gentle standing flow including more dynamic movement, and ends with restorative practice.

The focus of all trauma informed classes is on body re-connection, re-establishing body trust, and making choices that support a feeling of safety and grounding. Emphasis is placed on listening to the body, and allowing it to inform the mind.

The online library will be updated weekly, with 4-7 classes added per week (with some exceptions depending on holiday and vacation schedules). Student will also have access to videos previously added to the library to practice at their own pace. We are offering an introductory membership subscription of $99.99 a month, which will be charged on a monthly basis. 30 day notice will be required to cancel membership and cancelations must be done by writing or through the connected website. See you on the mat!

My Qualifications

  • • Licensed MFT
  • • MFC #47955
  • • Certified Eating Disorder Specialist
  • • Certified Eating Disorder Specialist Supervisor
  • • Certified EMDR Therapist
  • • Tri Lingual Capabilities
  • • 15+ Years of Experience
  • • Professional Associations:

  • Professional Associations

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    219 N. Indian Hill Blvd. Suite 201
    Claremont CA 91711
    Phone: (562) 281-7752