Gestalt Therapist

In my practice, I rely on and access a relational form of therapy, particularly, a relational form or gestalt therapy.

Currently, I am actively pursing certification as a gestalt therapy with the Pacific Gestalt institute. The Pacific Gestalt Institute is a training institute associated with GTILA (Gestalt Therapy Institute of Los Angeles). My training at this institute focuses on the use of: the dialogic method, existential phenomenology, inclusion, presence, and field theory. Often, when people hear about gestalt therapy, they primarily think of the use of the empty chair technique. Though I am not opposed to using exercises such as empty chair, my work focuses more on the use of the therapeutic relationship, the paradoxical theory of change, a commitment to dialogue, the therapist’s use of self, and posing experiments for change.

Gestalt therapy has been a powerful change agent in many peoples’ lives, and not only influences my work as a therapist, but also who I am as an individual and in my relationships. Please refer to PGI (Pacific Gestalt Institute’s) website: for scholarly articles, and information about relational gestalt therapy.

My Qualifications

• Licensed MFT
• MFC #47955
• Certified Eating Disorder Specialist
• Certified Eating Disorder Specialist Supervisor
Certified EMDR Therapist
• Tri Lingual Capabilities
• 10+ Years of Experience
• Professional Associations:

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